Training with IntAIRactions


  Customized trainings fitted to your needs

 All our trainings available in English and in French

Initiation to pedagogy / all public

Train the trainers – Initial / future trainers in any field of training

Train the trainers – Refresher /  all trainers in any field of training

Pedagogical English – Initial / all trainers or future trainers in any field

Pedagogical English – Refresher / all trainers in any fields

Practical Assessors – Initial / all Practical Assessors or future PA

How to Evaluate a training action / Dedicated to training managers

Be efficient in delivering your presentation in English – Initial / all public

Initiation to EASA environment regulations / all public

Part 66 & 147 regulations / all public

Internal Auditor – Initial / future internal auditor

Human Factors – Initial / all public

Human Factors – Refresher / all public

Initiation to Aviation English / all public 

Intermediate Aviation English / all public

Advanced Aviation English / all public

Initial-Basic / all public

Intermediate / all public

Advanced / all public


IntAIRactions always aims at the best apprenticeship.

We adapt our trainings based on your specific needs and goals, the number of trainees, their experience and level.

Through best practices and follow-up, implementation of scenarii, review by peers as well as  feedback from the instructor, trainees will be able to explore and learn successfully.

We’ll make sure your staff will acquire new competencies for a better profitability within your company.